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Ranger Lon

I passed along the additional coordinates and photo and it is being forwarded the the appropriate LEO. They are interested in these reports and will do something about it, but manpower could be a factor. It has been reported and is in their hands now.

Just a word about the condition of the trail. Unfortunately with the Visitor Center still closed we cannot always get the message across that this trail is basically non-existent due to the damage of the Lake Fire. If you are planning to go in this part of the wilderness, you are basically going cross country and you better have good navigational tools and skills. Unlike the other trails, you will not have much to guide you on the ground.

Last year we did work on the first few miles of the trail and that is why you can get so far before the trail seems to disappear. No doubt, more work will come and it will get better – just not sure how soon.

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