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Jackstraw Springs had good flow at two brooks on the side trail into camp.  It was my first visit, so I don’t know if it’s normal or dwindling or how to quantify it.  The first had more water, but both were easy to collect.

There was one stream with solid flow on the way up, but we didn’t need water.  You might have to hop up some rocks uphill to find a good collection spot.  After that there were several mud patches, but no good flow or collection spots that we could find until camp.  GAIA showed some streams and springs, but none of them were good, so plan accordingly.

Day two we passed a strong flowing Forsee Creek below Trail Fork Springs.  We didn’t want to give up an inch of altitude at that point.  There was no flow at the Trail Fork itself, but we found a small feeder stream further up the trail headed East towards Anderson Flat.  Coming back we found multiple streams on the other trail coming from the San Bernadino Peak side.

From Anderson Flat we headed East around Shields Peak and eventuall down into High Meadow Springs for our second night.  No water between the Trail Fork feeder creek and High Meadow Springs, and you need to walk down a very steep hill to collect there.  Water flow seems good.  It comes out of the ground, over a rock, and into our bottle – couldn’t plan it better than that, except the steep walk back up hill to camp.

Great weather and so nice to be in the mountains, but my legs were crushed by the hike from High Meadow Springs back down to the trailhead.  We started out the day climbing Alto Diablo and Anderson Peak, before we decided to hoof it all the way out.  Next time I’ll break up that last day or at least not climb a peak before hitting the 4000’+ descent.

Have fun!

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