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There is a stream that runs right through Columbine Camp.  Very easy to get water if you’re camping there, and the stream is still running.  If you are thinking of just stopping at Columbine to get water (and not stay), be aware that it’s .5 miles downhill on a the trail to the camp from the main trail.  Easy going downhill.  Not so fun coming back up with a full pack of water. 🙂

Hopefully someone will comment on the water availability.   Check the facebook page – I seem to remember someone posting about Columbine not too long ago.  But it’s been pretty dry for a while so definitely

Limber Pine’s water is 1/4 mile further up the trail from the camp.  Right before a sharp right turn/ switchback.  You’d walk right into the water if you kept going straight instead of turning.  Can’t miss it.  Usually pretty reliable from what I understand.

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