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chris in redlands

With up to 12 people per permit, that means as few as 12 permits might be issued per trail per day.

I’m curious what the totals were before the day hike permit requirement went away…I’ve been on each of the trails on days when all of the permits for them were issued, and I’m pretty sure they used to issue more permits for south fork and vivian than, say, momyer or forsee. Can’t be sure tho.

When you consider that on any given day probably at least a quarter of the people who have permits never show up at all and that the permits that actually get used often probably indicate more hikers than actually show at the trailhead, 144 seems a pretty reasonable number.

Now if 144 people all showed up at the san bernardino peak trail or foresee creek trail parking lot, each in their own car, all at once…that would be a sight! ha!

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