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Puzzling.  The stated cap is on people for the San Gorgonio and Cucamonga trailheads, but permits for the Devil’s Slide trailhead.  With up to 12 people per permit, there can be quite a difference.  If crowding and protection of the environment are the issue, caps on people seem appropriate, caps on permits do not.

Also, 30 permits for the Devil’s Slide Trail on weekends does not seem like many, given that people can be fanning out in several directions at Saddle Junction, and many of the permits can be for one, two, or three hikers.

Does not affect me, because I am retired and hike on week days.  I am conflicted about it, as I am sure many people are.  People who must hike on weekends have my deepest sympathy, but at the same time I recognize that there must be some limits.

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