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chris in redlands

there is never water at manzanita springs anymore. there used to be a piped spring that kept a trough filled just below the junction on the way to columbine springs, but it’s been many years since i’ve seen water there, even very early in the season.

Columbine springs is also likely dry by now, though i haven’t been there in weeks, so you’ll need someone else to confirm that. The first always-reliable water on that trail is at limber pine spring, at the end of the first switchback above limber pine bench. i’ve never seen that dry, though it’s a long way past manzanita springs.

Of course, the entire wilderness and all trails leading into it are closed now, with no indication of when they’ll reopen, but hopefully that’ll help you out when they do.

Edit: You were able to request an overnight permit? I read on the permit page that they’re not accepting applications for permits until the wilderness reopens…

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