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chris in redlands

Yesterday’s morning briefing video included a statement to the effect of “the fire is behaving like a controlled burn, so it’s probably doing the forest some good” which i took as very encouraging. That was before the fire made it’s latest push. If the VIIRS satellite data is to be believed, the area of active burning in the 12 hours up to now (0900 18SEP20) include an 18-square mile swath, extending roughly from the san bernardino peak trail to the south fork trail, above dry lake, north of jenks lake road, and well south of the divide below anderson, almost to the falls creek trail around 9,000 feet.

That data isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty reliable. it looks like the fire met the lake fire scar and kept going? I can see that being the case, as the first couple of drainages east of the forsee creek trail were not burned nearly as thoroughly as parts of the mountain further east.

I’ve been drawing polygons on my map linked to above, tracking 12-hour active burning areas based on VIIRS data. The red dots on that map are hotspots detected in the last 12 hours.

Bad times for the wilderness.

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