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This thread is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Sadness: With the understanding that these old growth mature forests can probably never recover with the modern climate, and the liklihood that this fire will exterminate trout populations (as the lake fire did with Fish Creek and SF Santa Ana).


Joy: To see those pictures from the forsee adventure… something that i similarly attempted about a decade ago in search of a rumored stocking of Cutthroat in “A Santa Ana River Headwater Tributary, above the barrier falls”. I had hypothesized that it was forsee based on mapping and we made it as far as the choke point below the falls but couldn’t find a route around that seemed like we could traverse again downhill. I am committed to going back as soon as legal to recreate in the area again.

Frustration: to see how, frankly, replaceable privately owned buildings are treated as infinitely more valuable than the irreplaceable publicly owned wilderness, precious escapes from the modern world.


Fatigue: knowing that this story is far from over as the fire rages on.


Regret: for all the opportunities I didn’t take to explore more of this area when I had the chance.


Thankfulness – for the opportunities I did get to explore this truly remarkable area.



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