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There are still areas of the San Bernardino National Forest that are open.

I have listed some of the trails on a previous post.

The reason the San Gorgonio Wilderness is closed is to protect the public from possible injury from the effects of the El Dorado Fire. The fire effects trees, rocks, water and ground. Trees can be hazardous depending how they were burnt and how burnt was the top soil that hold them up. Rocks from up slope can be very unstable due to brush and roots that were burnt that were holding them in place. And in areas where the ground cover has burn completely then the top soil can cause a mud slide or floods when it rains or snows which can cause problems outside of the burn area.

With that said I don’t believe that any slope, river or tree hazards are suspect from South Fork and East. But the forest service has to survey that area complete with their B.A.E.R. (Burned Area Emergency Response) teams to confirm the impact before letting the public back in. They usually give a year’s time to complete this assessment in which if completed early then the closure might be changed to be less of the SGW. But the COVID has reduced Forest Service Staff availability which can back log the process.

Any question or concerns should be directed to San Bernardino National Forest Supervisor in a letter or phone call.

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