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I have lots of pictures on Reddit if you ever make it over there. r/socalhiking

I’d post links to my flickr images but that might delay this post.

I didn’t see another person, which was nice.  We broke the trail up from the Sugarloaf Trail junction.  Saw some ski (pulk?) tracks at the upper junction heading toward Sugarloaf Mtn.

Have to share this story with you.  You might get a kick out of it:

About 6:30pm or so we (dog and I) were in the tent just hanging out.  I heard a “beep… beep… beep… beep”.  Sounded very electronic.  Happened again a few times but kept getting farther away.  Odd, but seemed harmless.  Figured it was aliens. 🙂

Then, about 1:00am, I was sound asleep and got woken up by a screeching/ barking sound.   Sounded very close to the tent. Really unsettling sound.  Never heard anything like it before.  Dog was very alert trying to smell/ hear etc.  Same with the beep, heard it again a few more times, each getting farther away.  Pretty creepy sound.

When I got home, I started searching online for those types of noises.

Fairly certain the “beep” was an owl and, almost positive, the screeching bark was a Fox.

If you already didn’t know what I heard, look up on youtube for a Northern Saw-Whet Owl Call sound for what I think we heard.  And look up Barking Fox.

Thanks again for the recommendations and information.

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