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chris in redlands

Check out the Cornell Labs website at allaboutbirds (dot) org. I don’t think i can link to it here, but if you go there and search for “Great Horned Owl” and “Barn Owl” then click on the “Sounds” link, they have a number of recordings of the different sounds/calls that these owls makes, some of which are almost a bark, some a “beep” (or click), and some a pretty terrifying scream. haha. was that maybe what you heard? could explain all the sounds. I believe there are lots of great horned owls in the san bernardinos.

The first time I was awoken by one of these owls screaming at like 2am while sleeping alone on the mountain, i was glad i’d brought a change of shorts. Ha! Wish i’d known what it was at the time. Sure was something to wake up to.

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