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chris in redlands

That’s an excellent point and a great analogy. Has the forest service stated that the forest remains closed to recreation due to increased hazards to users? I had not read that. I haven’t been able to find a thing from the forest service, in fact. Would appreciate a link to a posting or a recent statement or order.

I don’t object to questioning the San Bernardino National Forest, who has, recently at least, taken a “we make the rules so deal with it” approach to regulating recreational use of the mountains. It just seems kind of lazy to complain about it here.

Almost like asking the wilderness association to go to bat with the forest service instead of taking it to them directly. I don’t think that’s their job. They’re just taxpayers like you, volunteering their time to protect the wilderness you enjoy, likely without contributing anything more to it than your opinion about how it’s managed. How about engaging the forest service directly yourself? You’re paying for their service, after all.

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