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Hey!  Looks like someone approved my posts with all the pictures!  Nice.

Amir- If you mean whether or not it’s “allowed” to summit currently, the answer is yes.  There is a trail that leads from Dry Lake to the summit.

If you’re wondering about conditions to the summit, the last post I saw, there was still quite a bit of snow – but these pics were from Dollar Lake if I remember correctly.  I’d be prepared for snow (crampons and ice axe).


I love taking one of our huskies with me on my trips.  You need to get your dog used to hiking, though.  Start with your normal walks, then add some local (to you) small hikes to get their pads toughened up.

I bring a dog first aid kit (which is essentially the same as a human kit) plus some inexpensive booties just in case.

Our dogs also carry their own food and water.  If you plan on having your dog do the same, you’ll need to get them used to using their packs and carrying weight.  So start slowly – using no weight at all in the packs.  I think the general rule is 10-15% of their bodyweight is all they should carry.

Also, you need to understand how hot or cold is too hot or cold for your dogs.  It’s realistically never too cold for the huskies in our local mountains, but will be too hot for them in just a couple months.  Anything over 70-75 degrees, and I don’t bring them.

Lastly, when you bring a dog, the hike becomes the dog’s hike.  If they get tired you have to stop.  If they get injured, you may need to carry them out.  Our male husky, Max, is “only” about 55lbs but I do not look forward to the day if I ever have to carry either of them out.

Lastly… lastly… always have your dog on a leash and be sure to bury or pick up and pack out their poop.

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