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Unless we get some freak storm, I’d expect by late May early June, snow will not be a problem.

More dog info 🙂

All of the hikes I go on are in areas that have leash laws… including the SG Wilderness.  Your dog must be leashed in these areas.  I believe the fine is $200+ and an escort off the trail.  Please respect the rules.

My female husky (pictured above) is fine with any dog she passes as long as they don’t get in her face or try to smell her. This works fine for us because we only go to leashed areas where I can expect to be able to keep a distance from other dogs… unless someone has their dog off leash.

I mean this as respectfully as I can and not directed at you personally… In 4 years of hiking and many more just walking our dogs (past and present) everyone (except one guy who I complimented) I’ve encountered who let their dog off leash in an area that they were required to be leashed has had zero control of their dog.  In each case, I would say “Please recall your dog”.  It would inevitably turn into pleading of begging of their dog to “Come” or “Here” and none of the dogs respond.

Talking with a ranger at Dry Lake (from the above trip), who was confirming my dog was on a leash, said a while ago, someone at Trail Fork Springs did not have their dog tied up and it chased a deer right off the edge of a cliff.

If you are in an area that allows off-leash, then you can, of course, let your dog off-leash if you wish.

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