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Alon Wiedenman

Hey there,

Welcome to the wilderness!  Did you already get permits?  They are required.  Once you do that you’ll see a link on the permit to a mileage sheet.  But… I would suggest some caution.  People get lost and in trouble on the trail, and lack of basic skills, like how to read a topo map, is a major factor.  It may not be what you want to hear, but I would suggest learning those skills before taking a trip like this.  I know REI offers some, not sure where else to suggest.  I can advise that Tom Harrison maps are good ones to get and there is one the covers the SGW.  There are also good online mapping tools like caltopo and gaia that you can then print the map out on paper and have a digital copy on your phone.  Try not to become over reliant on your phone though, knowing how to use a paper map with compass is a critical skill.

For what it’s worth, your plan involves a pretty big day on day 2.  Vivian Creek camp is only about a mile an a half in, making day 2 about 17 miles with significant elevation, and then a drive home.

– Alon

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