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here is my trip report from duck pass…

Attempted 5/14 with wilderness permits. Had to park at Tamarack Lodge because of the road not being open past that point yet. We decided to camp at Skeleton Lake and day hiked up to Barney. Big 25 wind gusts but temps only dropped to 40ish that night. DP Trail hard to find even w maps/navigation because of snow and Ive hiked it before in August 2020. We only spent one night up there because of a severe weather alert on 5/15 for thunderstorms. They got a dusting last night 5/15. Snow is melting but still quite a bit on the trail from a cold Spring. Lots of varied conditions up to Barney, 3 ft of snow, post holing, mud, snow melt, clear trail… With current conditions this is doable at least to Barney with gaiters, poles/snow baskets and micro spikes, IMO. Saw some folks skinning/traversing across from Barney. Still a beautiful hike!

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