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Hi Amir,

Sounds like a great trip.

Depending on how early you get to Dry Lake, you can summit San G and back in one day (also depending on your fitness level).  It’s a long day, though, but it’s exactly what I did my first trip up there.

I got to Dry Lake about 12:00, set up camp, had a snack and felt pretty good so I headed up.  I think it took me 4 hours to get to the summit.  Walked almost the whole way back in the dark.  Luckily, I had brought along my jacket and a headlamp. 🙂  Not to mention, I used my GPS track to find my tent in the dark!

Your plan of camping at Dry Lake and summiting in the AM is a good one.  An option, if it suits you, is to leave VERY early in the AM and get to San G for the sunrise.  But realize you’ll be walking an unfamiliar trail in the dark at first.  Otherwise, wake up, have a good breakfast and head up.  You’ll have all day at that point.  Take your time and enjoy the views.

It’s about 5 miles from Dry Lake to the San G summit.  Being at altitude, it may feel like a very long 5 miles.

You can leave your camp all set up at Dry Lake.  Put any food/ scented items in a hanging bear bag or bear can to be safe- from both regular bears and “mini” bears (squirrels etc)

While I’ve never heard of problems of theft, I would also recommend taking your car keys, wallet etc with you… and any gear you might need should you have issues on the trail.

Have a good time!

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