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chris in redlands

Oh wow. A try at the holy grail of the San Bernardinos. I was pretty excited once I realized what you were going for in the beginning of your post, and it sounds like you guys had a great adventure!

One day, I’m going to try this the other way. I can’t imagine trying to find a way down it, but then, unlike you, I don’t have the memory of having gone down it before to motivate me. How far above the wash were you at your closest, if you had to guess? Did I read correctly that you previously made it down to the whitewater?

Props to you both for your sense of adventure and just going for it. There’s so many great things to see in the local mountains, and so few people with the stones and ambition to get out there and get it.

If you get a chance to share pictures or GPS tracks of where you went, that would be great. Either way, good on you for getting out there!

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