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Hi Alon, seconding what Chris says about that XC “possible” route.  Too steep, too loose dirt and scree-filled chute to risk with your scouts.  I went on scout trips like this many years ago–Mineshaft Flat camp was the better and usual choice as there’s much more suitable space to accomodate a small “troop” while teaching and demonstrating adherence to Wilderness regs on camping at least 200 feet from meadows, streams, springs, trails.  Generally reliable water–most years– ~.3m downtrail at North Fork Spring.  Not as much back-tracking on day 2 to climb up to Sky High Trail to summit SG… and no head-scratching, trail-less route finding and difficult site locating which may now be the case for BT.  I should be out that way again well before Labor Day and will report on conditions encountered.

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