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We didn’t fish at all. My inspection was just visual. But we traveled much of the creek through various zones. The zone where we camped, and I where I had fished when I was a kid, was heavily damaged by the fire. As I noted, there was little to no moss, and no signs of water bugs at all. When we left camp to hike out on Monday morning, there was some sort of hatch that appeared to be happening, but it didn’t seem to come from the creek. Nonetheless despite that swarm, I saw nothing rise.

When I was a kid, the North Fork was one of two fishable creeks in SG. The other was Falls Creek below Dobbs Cabin. That was always a favorite spot for us because we could carry less food and just eat fresh fish. I have seen fish in that area recently. But not many. I don’t know it’s ever fished any more.


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