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chris in redlands

give lost creek a go. how lost could you get? A few details to consider…

Anything is possible cross-country, but whether or not it’s advisable is another thing.

The lost creek trail ends at the south fork trail. from the point where the two trails meet to dollar lake saddle, the trail is in fine shape and easy to follow.

Don’t expect any water before south fork meadow. anyone could get there from either trailhead with no water, so this should not be a problem.

Dollar lake will have no fish, as it also has no water.

Assuming you have a permit, you should also have received the email from the SGWA today that specifies that “Currently water is available at Fish Creek camp, Mineshaft Flats, Lodgepole/Dry Lake, Dollar Lake, High Creek, Vivian Camp.”

If you catch any fish on your trip, share photos!


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