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I did do the permit of course- easy as pie online and we’re going midweek so it was easy pickings.  I never got an email notification of current conditions though?

Even though I’m not a huge fan of humans in general, yins are great. Thanks for all the intel and tips. I think we’re gonna forego the Lost Creek death march and enjoy the South Fork Trail. Definitely going to do the Tarn and Bighorn. Just found Lake Peak on my 2000 SG Wilderness Map; it isn’t marked on my newer 2019 map. 2019 shows Zahniser Peak right above Mine Shaft Saddle, but no Lake Peak. I think we’ll just bag both? I don’t know about Grinnell- depends on how we’re feeling I reckon. It would be easy to bag those last two knowing we were going to be sitting down at Lodgepole shortly after.


Thanks Again!

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