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Thanks for the note, Cyndi.

Lots of new hikers means more issues.  I’ll be sure to try to educate those who are open to listening.

My new hiking motto is “Leave Less Trace”.   Leave less trace expands on LNT and means you go beyond just your own impact.  This means you’ll have to pick up other people’s trash and fix campsite issues etc.

I would bet most of us have an extra bit of room in our packs to carry out a few pieces of trash we find on the trail.

FWIW- The last large mess I came across was a year or so ago on the way to Fish Creek Saddle.  I think it was hunters who left the mess.

I believe the area is called the Hunter’s Camp.  Two adult males and two kids (probably fathers/ sons).  Obviously hunters.  The area was clean when I passed them as they were setting up and a mess the next morning when I came back and they were gone.

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