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Chris–I’d suggest calling the SBNF office @ (909) 382-2682, leave a VM  for Public Affairs Officer Zach Behrens stating purpose of your call.  I’ve found him to be quite responsive and straight-shooting.  Last time we spoke (early Mar?) he laid out the plans for imminent post-El Dorado reopenings and they happened just as he had described.  At that time the NFS was hopeful for a reopening of Momyer/Falls Creek by or before this fall.  The issue then being that sections of the ridge above burned and liability concerns then arise relating to potential rockfall and mudsliding down-canyon below ESB peak, should any heavy summer monsoonal systems blast through.  Also–looks to me (on latest goog-sat images) like there remains alot of non-degraded Phos-Chek residue all along the ridge where Calfire made their epic N-S stand.  This past winter’s precip apparently wasn’t sufficient to clear it all out (but still, that shouldn’t affect hiking and water along Falls Creek up to Saxon/Dollar, so long as upper slopes above Upper Momyer/Alger section remain stable).  My favorite TH post-Lake Fire so am just as keen as you to see it reopened ASAP!  Steve B.

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