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chris in redlands

ohhhhh man…. Reading that account of going down the MFJO, i just shook my head and laughed and laughed, but my hands were sweating the whole time. That’s a great write-up, and anyone who’s been in terrain like that knows there’s not an ounce of hyperbole in that description.

Sadly, that switch that throws in your head that says “oh man, you should not be here” often trips in the middle of that terrain, not before it, huh? 🙂 One of those things you’re glad you did, excited to have come through unscathed, and a little embarrassed to talk about because you know you shouldn’t have done it.

Glad you had the presence of mind to take a few photos. My “better take a picture” sensor would have totally turned off on that descent! Thanks, again, for the details!


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