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I took the photo above on March 28. It was taken on the ridge that runs east from Middle Fork Jumpoff between the Middlefork and Southfork of the Whitewater. These appear to be old USFS canteens dumped in an extremely inhospitable and difficult to access place. This is also just a snapshot of the total number. They are strewn about the area–somewhere between 60 and 100 is my guess.  My theory is that they were left by a fire crew long ago (it has been awhile since this part of the ridge burned. Closer to MFJO the ridge looks apocalyptic. But the question is access. My best guest is by chopper. The closes access point may be the road into the old hydro project in the Eastfork. But from there, it took us approximately five hours to get to this point on the ridge–a full hour of which involved hands and knees work with full packs to squirm through about 200 meters of the densest brush I’ve experienced.

Anyway, any knowledge or theories would be interesting: discuss.


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