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That’s really interesting about the trail. We saw no signs of that. Assuming it ever really existed, the area was heavily damaged by the fire. We came up the Southfork from Whitewater Preserve. Just past the confluence of the Southfork and Eastfork, we had to escape some impassible waterfalls via a high ridge on the east side of the river. We descended back into the river about mile or so (hard to tell) below the hydro project. Then from there to MFJO. From the hydro project to MFJO and to the top of the ridge is really fire damaged, as is the ridge running roughly south along the east side of the Eastfork. The first part of the ridge above MFJO is like walking on the moon–very fine powder and relatively easy going. Any remnant of a trail would be impossible to find. But shortly after the high point, it turns to dense brush on top with knife-edge exposures on either side. We made camp just at dark about an hour or so from where I took the picture the of the canteens.

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