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Interesting Chris. So is this the trail to the Divide you’re speaking of the one that takes off toward SB peak a little before the Wilderness boundary? Milo and I have been meaning to take that. Also, do you know when the trail was named? Sounds like Mr. Momyer was part of the original crew advocating for SG to be part of the Wilderness Act in the early 60s. The reason I ask is that when I was a kid (talking mid to late 70s) I don’t recall that being the name of the trail, but I could be mistaken. When I returned to the SG Wilderness a few years ago, the name just stood out as one I hadn’t heard before.

I sure recall the trail though–formative experience. On a very hot summer day I was trudging up the trail heading to Alger Creek to meet my dad who had gone in the day before to patrol. My younger brother was a few hundred yards behind–dragging. Somewhere before the flat/descent to Alger Creek, I stepped from the bright sun into a shady patch where I was greeted by a coiled and very angry rattle snake buzzing at my feet. I think I levitated and flew 10 feet back in one motion. Things being a little different back then, as far as my long held live and let live mentality, I killed it, cut it’s head off, strapped it to my pack and bounced up the trail to meet dad. Even my brother found new energy. We had snake for dinner. Not a bad day for a 10 year old. And the Momyer trail has since had a held a special place in my memory.

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