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Milo and I have been meaning to go from Dobbs cabin down to the parking lot at Big Falls. Last time we came down the ridge from Dobbs peak, we were intending to dive in, but a storm was a brewing so we bailed into Vivian Creek. Might be worth looking around. When I was a kid I fished a ways below the old cabin site but don’t recall anything. Regardless, the history of people in the Wilderness is so interesting. Ironically, my goal in going out there is always to get away from people, but I confess to romantic fascination with the Dobbses of the area. I get incensed by Mylar balloons and other garbage, but intrigued by rusted tin cans and corrugated metal.  Those folks held a different belief about the value of the land back then, but man were they a tougher breed from us softies. I think I can trace my fascination to the old flume flowing out of the Southfork toward Poopout. When I was little, I used to be just fascinated by that. I used to beg my dad to take the “Flume Trail” into Southfork Meadows (which we called Slushy Meadows back then). Out of a sense of nostalgia I tried to follow the flume a few years back. I ended up giving up in the brush and went back up to the SF trail.

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