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It’s pretty nuked. It’s been so long since I had been to the camp and it just looked so different. I remember a pine forest and not so much buck brush. When we rounded the ridge and came to the first flat bench that was decent to camp–confused a bit as to whether that was the camp–all the trees were dead and the wind was really getting strong. It was also nearing dark, so under the circumstances I was less concerned about whether this was the actual camp. I was more concerned with getting Auggie fed and in bed. But . . . call me crazy but I really try to make sure we are not sleeping under dead trees in high wind.  So I scouted the area and saw the next lower bench to the north east. There I could see live trees and it looked a little more protected. But the buckbrush getting there was pretty thick. With darkness getting close, the wind coming up, and the temperature dropping, we just took turns carrying Auggie through the buck brush down to the live trees. It was a good decision and a much better camp.

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