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Fascinating discussion.  I remember ‘Slushy Meadows’, the orange trail markers and the Mineral King fight.  Don’t recall the A-frame shacks Brian remembers.  Like Brian, there was a big gap for me in my hiking in the area.  Does anyone know when the Poopout Hill trailhead was closed?  I understand it was because Slushy Meadows, as we always called it then, was becoming over-run because it was too accessible.  Which it was, but closing the Poopout Hill trailhead made day hiking SG considerably more difficult, and probably increased the number of backpackers.

The Sierra Club also fought the Palm Springs Aerial Tram.  It was touted as providing access to a ski area, and I believe is still called the Palm Springs Winter Park Authority.  I moved last summer to Trinidad, a tiny town on California’s north coast.  There is an old man who wanders around town, clearly with some dementia.  He grabs anyone he can and talks to them.  Somewhat difficult to follow, but he clearly grew up in Orange County and spent a lot of time in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains.  He said to me out of the blue ‘They built the tram and ruined the back country’.  I am probably the only person in Humboldt County who would have known what he was talking about.  And one of the few anywhere who would have agreed with them.  Though I have used the tram countless times, and it enabled me to hike Skyline regularly, I believe it should never have been built.

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