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The trail down to Mineshaft Flats (from the trail going between Mineshaft and Fish Creek Saddles is about a mile and is not heavily traveled. Mineshaft Flats sits on a big bench. The trail continues (though faint in spots) where the bench drops to the North Fork of the White Water drainage. The trail side hills down to the south across the top of the the drainage. About a third of a mile down it crosses a stream bed. Often at this time of year there is a flowing creek there. Last year on Father’s Day it was not and given the drought it’s probably dry now. Once you cross the stream bed and the trail turns east facing down the main drainage, look for way down on the left side of the trail–kind of some open spots in the buckbrush. Listen carefully and you should be able to hear some water. The spring usually comes out of the ground right down below you. You also might be able to see some black tubing and some metal in the creek bed (maybe left from the old chopper crash, not sure).

From that point the trail, which gets very little use, continues east parallel to the creek. Eventually it will start to switchback down to a meadow area about a mile below, where the trail just ends.

If I have to guess, the person who said 1.5 miles missed this point and continued down the trail. I recall last Father’s Day my son and I got to the creek bed and were surprised it was dry so early in the year. But when we stopped and listened we heard the spring and monkeyed down. It was not supper obvious but was there. It was exactly in the same place when we were back in October.

Hope this helps.

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