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hiker girl

Just when the road was opening up…. 🙁 🙁

I did San Jacinto today Tu 9/6 planning to Peak it.  Was so hot/humid and did a 20 mi over 5k elev Tour de San Jac with my friend Sun so decided to call it a bit over halfway up.  Got out of town around noon and sure glad I did!

Could see the Hemet-area Fairview Fire grow significantly in just the morning to early afternoon.  Morning just small plume, later coming down could see the start of what did end up being full-on pyrocumulus clouds and even some firenadoes when it really took off!  Anza area mtns in radar now; we’ll see what the winds do; so sad.  At least they engaged Incident Command so hope they get more air support, engines, and Hot Shot crews!  That fire grew 500 acres in TWO HOURS from 3 pm to 5 pm Tu 9/6!

Worlds of appreciation for all of our first responders!

Between mountain-slides, insane heat (driving CA 79 home it was 109; Temecula 107!), fires, now this weekend looking like Kay-Kay tropical winds and rain/storms, I may just have to hike around my block! lol!  Praying for firefighters and all first responders; they have a really (and often literally) uphill battle in these conditions!

I had to evac in 2007 in San Diego from the Witch Fire.  Embers were spotting miles away; winds so strong were shaking house set in bedrock.  If you are even close to these areas burning now, please pack your car, be ready if even remote chance you may have to skedaddle out.

Stay safe, everyone, and if you see a first responder, give them a thumbs up and a big thank you!

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