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chris in redlands

Now that I dig back into this after a few years, I’m unable to find the source I read that describes how the SBNF has chosen to abide by the court rulings related to the adventure passes! Ha!

This link to The Western Slopes No Fee Coalition is to their page that links to summaries of the various court rulings (including those specifically in California) where you can read pretty decent summaries and follow lots of other links to news articles and actual legal ruling to read for yourself. (That organization’s mission is to eliminate fees, so their summaries may be biased, but their links to outside sources is good).

In their summary of the settlement agreement in Fragosa v. USFS, they write that the USFS agreed they “will only charge a fee for use of sites with certain legally required amenities. If the amenities are located at a trailhead then there must be free parking available within 1/2 mile for hikers, horseback riders, and other trail users who do not use the amenities and only access the trail.”

This is interesting… aside from the little turnout at the gated entry to the old road to poopout hill, I can think of no place anywhere near 1/2 mile of the parking lot for the South Fork trail where one can park for free. Is there one?

And here I thought I had this all figured out years ago. Ha!

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