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I hiked Shields and Anderson Peaks yesterday via Forsee Creek. The road in and parking lot were fine for my AWD Highlander. Not much worse that usual.

The trail is overgrown at the bottom but it is mostly herbaceous and so not a problem getting through. The rain washed a lot of material down onto the trail and the some of the washes have been transformed. The worst is the lowest crossing – creek leading from Jackstraw Springs, currently with water. Trail is completely washed out, with a 6′ drop to the rocky streambed. Can be traversed a few feet below but given the steepness and instability of the bank, it will require some repair. All other crossings passable.

Very nice late summer hike. Lupines are mostly done but still a lot of paintbrush. And flocks of juncos and goldfinches. Some fresh lion sign as well.


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