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hiker girl

Hi Brad!

This past late winter/early spring, when San G South Fork side had couple feet of snow, strong hiking group I hike with just hiked to Dry Lake.  10 or 11 mi day up to 10,000K and good work in snowshoes esp with the short winter days.  Dry Lake was GORGEOUS in snow and ice and made for some really nice day hiking!

Lead and friends have climbing xp and ski xp and know snow.  They could tell when bowls/couloirs could avalanche/had ice layer, and also when their friends tried to peak it and sunk way deep in postholes in the couloirs.

I know on Jac the peak had light snow then rain then snow, so an ice layer, and lower elevations of San J heavy rain followed with snow and icing of trees and then treefall with heavy winds.  Assuming same may have occurred on San G?

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