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hiker girl

You’re welcome!  Can tell you are xp and know the drill; just wanted to give you an option if there are buckets of snow.

Could not tell if you know San G.  It’s “right across the freeway” from San J but is a very different mountain.  It is large, and I consider it more “remote” – you can be out on South Fork with 30 other people on the trail and may not run into another soul.

That being said, San J feels like an old friend, and I often run into locals I know; San G is more like a fun adventure each time I do it (and do not do it solo – though I am capable and know the routes – just because of its remoteness).  The Bernardino range is higher, with G and its sub-peaks like Charlton and Jepson above treeline. The range orientation lends itself to heavier weather as the storms often slam into it.  Jac often gets more of a glancing blow.

Gorgonio and its sub-peaks have more “big mountain” features, like couloirs, chutes, avalanche zones, scree/talus fields, bowls, high-elev snowfields and cornices reminiscent of the Sierra.  It’s no coincidence local people training for Whitney, other Sierra peaks, glaciated/volcanic peaks, exotics make Gorgonio one of their training mountains, and people backcountry ski it too.

Enjoy your adventure!


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