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That’s useful information hiker girl, thank you.  I hiked the PCT from the Whitewater Preserve to Wrightwood in March, and had a permit to climb San G from Fish Creek (camped in the snow at Fish Creek Camp) but decided it was too icy then, especially the Sky High switchbacks as you pointed out.  That was my introduction to the San Bernardino mountains (have hiked most of the rest of the PCT in California, and was saving section C until this year).  The Dollar Lake route looks better than Dry Lake to Sky High, but perhaps Vivian Creek is easiest during snow?  Am traveling to California for work in early December and will see what sort of melting happens — if not enough I’ll join a PCT trailwork crew in the Sierra Pelona for the weekend instead that I’ve worked with previously.  Am 60 years old and not looking for extreme mountaineering experiences!

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