11/5/2022- First 3 miles of the Forsee Creek Trail

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      Planned an overnight to Anderson Flat Camp starting at the Forsee Creek Trailhead.  Expected cold, but didn’t expect the snow (in hindsight it should have been obvious) so I didn’t bring any micro spikes or trail crampons.  This would be the cause of me cutting the trip short.

      Road to the trailhead was in typical condition.  There was a fairly large rut at the beginning, then some rocky and off-camber parts.  Any SUV/ CUV etc would make it with no problem.  My Crosstrek had no issues.  A standard car would *probably* make it, but it’s probably not worth risking damage to the vehicle.

      Snow was sticky at the beginning but got slushy and slippery the farther we went.  Some sketchy parts considering my traction issues.  Made it about 3 miles, got tired of slipping and sliding, and called it quits.  Found a spot to sit down, ate some lunch and headed back to the car.  The slipping and sliding was worse going back since it was downhill.

      Trail was in fairly good condition otherwise.  The few washed out areas of the trail were a bit challenging to cross with the snow, but would not be too difficult to cross without the snow.  Be interesting to see how they end up after a few storms.

      With the incoming storm, the road to the trailhead and the trail conditions will be quite a bit different in a couple of days.

      Met Ranger Johnson on the way back who checked my permit.  Had a nice chat with him and we continued on our way.  If anyone knows him, point him to the forum posts from when the big storm washed out the road.  He hadn’t see any pictures or videos yet.

      If I did this correctly, here is an album with some unedited pictures:


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      Ben Parker

      Very interesting report. I especially like the use of the external gallery for the photos. Having the ability to view them at their full resolution is very useful. It’ll be interesting to see how much more snow this week’s storm brings. Thanks!

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      Thanks Ben.

      All the best.

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