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      Hi everyone, we are planning a 3 night backpacking trip either starting at Forsee Creek Trailhead to Dry Lake View, summit, then back to Dry Lake and out via South Fork Trail and walk back to car. Or the reverse. Any advice on this loop clockwise or counterclockwise especially in regards to water and easiest way up to the summit trail? Sky High trail vs coming up from Dry Lake View? We’re planning on the last week in May. Thanks for any advice!

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      Both trailheads start at about the same elevation.

      So that leaves you to consider camps and water.

      I would recommend starting at Forsee Creek to Jackstraw Springs or Trail Fork Springs which both have water. Next to Dry Lake View(no water) but you can stop at High Meadow Springs for water which is about 1/2 mile off your route. From Dry Lake View to Summit there is no water. And from Summit to Dry Lake there is no water but there might be water in Dry Lake or Lodgepole Spring. Otherwise the next water would be at South Fork Meadows(no camping).

      Hope this helps.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Yes – thanks!

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