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      chris in redlands

      I read that 1N05 is closed due to logging. When is that supposed to be done, and what does “closed” mean?

      I’d like to go check out the trail, as they’ve done maintenance on it recently and I haven’t been on it since the Lake Fire. I’d prefer not to walk all the way from where 1N02 meets 1N05 (assuming i can even leave my truck there).

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      Hi Chris,

      Sorry but forest road 1N05 will be closed until at least next spring.

      The road 1N05 has a lot of dead standing trees all the way to Fish Creek trailhead. The bad trees are being cut down and the forest crew is using the road.

      It is not recommended to use the road 1N05 as a hiking trail because of the still standing dead trees and the work trucks going in and out.

      A recommended route would be to park near 1N02 & the Santa Ana River trailhead sign. Take the Santa Ana River trail west for 1 mile to a sign post with an ARROW pointing SOUTH. Take that trail SOUTH which will climb for 0.6 mile to Aspen Grove trailhead. I know it adds about 3.2 miles round trip but 2 miles of it is very easy and flat.

      The Aspen Grove trail is in descend shape because SGWA trailcrews worked on it about 5 month ago. The Fish Creek trail is in good shape to Fish Creek Camp because SGWA trailcrews worked on it last week. Thus the Aspen Grove trailhead to Fish Creek camp is about 3.5 miles or 7 miles round trip. That would be a total of 10.2 miles for the whole trip from the Santa Ana River trailhead sign to Fish Creek camp.

      There are still no permits for Fish Creek camp. And Fish Creek trail pasted the Fish Creek camp hasn’t been maintained since the Lake Fire 2015. Thus it isn’t recommend to proceed past Fish Creek camp yet.

      SGWA volunteer

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      chris in redlands

      Great info! Thanks for the help!

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      In the spring I was hoping to do upper fish creek to mineshaft saddle. Camp at dry lake and summit San G. I did this trail before the Lake Fire and was wondering how open and accessible the trail is since. I understand 1N05 is closed and don’t mind the hike from lower fish creek meadow but would like to plan at least an overnighter with a summit. Thanks!


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