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      5/9/20 I hiked from Aspen Grove to Fish Creek Saddle finding the Aspen Grove trail overgrown in many areas with that invasive, annoying, post-burn thorny bush and lots of dead fall as was expected.  The aspens have returned and are 8-10 feet already.  The rest of the trees are well burned, so don’t expect any shade.  I came across a very angry rattlesnake near the trail who let me know in the loudest of terms that she needed more alone time to which I was happy to oblige.  Be sure to use a stick or pole to poke ahead when you’re stepping blindly and be ready to avoid falling trees.

      Fish Creek is flowing strongly and the maintenance performed on Fish Creek Trail was evident once I reached it.  Thank you trail crews!!!  Many of the larger trees along Fish Creek Trail survived the fire as did the campground. The further up you go, the greener it gets.  The snow started around 9,500 ft. on northerly wooded aspects and southerly ones were dry.  There is really no snow to speak of on trail before reaching the saddle which has patchy snow.  Happily, the saddle area remains green.  Ten Thousand Foot Ridge (great snow climb in season)San G

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