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      I read the FAQ and it states that you really should have a beer can because there are more and more bears in the San Gorgonio Wildernes. I also know there’s a lot of PCT thru hikers that never carry them until they get to Sierra. So what does everybody think about absolutely needing a bear can in the San Gorgonio Wilderness?

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      Hi, sfabre194. Yes, you should definitely have a beer can with you. Bears love beer as much as humans. Not sure about the “beat can” in your subject title… Sorry, just having a little fun with you! Vivian Creek and the Forest Falls area seem to have most of the bear problems. I can’t recall if I’ve ever carried a bear can in the SGWA going back about 30 years. I’ve also never personally seen a bear there, but I know they’re around.

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      I’ve brought both and generally prefer a bear can.  Hanging a bear bag correctly is kind of a pain.  My Ursack doesn’t necessarily need to be hung, but if a bear gets to it, my food, while intact, will be mushed together with my chapstick, hand sanitizer and toothpaste.  Closing up my bear can and setting it in a bush etc is just sooo much easier.

      It’s also more useful than just a food storage container.  Since they are hard shelled, they can be used to protect sensitive things as well as act as a seat, sink and water transportation device.

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      And I deserve everything that gets thrown at me for not doing a better job proofreading before clicking the Submit button.

      Anyway, I go back and forth between taking one and not. I’d prefer to take a bear bag and hang it out of the way of smaller critters then to take a 2 lb bear can that takes a lot of room in my pack.


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      Lumberjack Nick

      Personally I’ve always just hung my food and never had an issue on both south fork and Vivian Creek. Only heard of the Forest Falls residents ever having an issue with bears. But if you’re willing to sacrifice the weight it will never hurt to bring the bear can along.

      Fun fact though, our bears are all descendants of problem bears that were brought down to SBNF from areas like Tahoe and Yosemite, so likely hood is they are extremely intelligent as bear standards go. As the populations  grows I can see there being issues sooner or later.

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      I’ve been up there a few times and some say yes and others no.  I’ve never seen one up there myself, but all it takes is 1 encounter to change my mind.

      The PCTA hiker forums say they never use cans in San Jacinto or San Gorgonio mountains.

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      I try to spend a night up at High Creek Camp in late May every year and I have always opted to bring a bear canister with me. I know it is not technically required on the permit, and I’ve never encountered any bears up here, but it gives me peace of mind. Also, I feel that it helps me build good backpacking habits for food/scented item storage for when I am visiting areas in which it is required.

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