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      Hi all,

      Was thinking about getting away for a quick overnight to start my backpacking season this year.  Last year I stayed at Dry Lake so I thought I’d try Dollar Lake this year.  Can’t seem to find any information (pics etc) of people who’ve camped there.

      Would be planning on going within the next couple weeks starting at the South Fork trailhead.  Set up camp at Dollar Lake and, either relax there and summit in the morning, or summit and come back to camp the same day.

      How does Dollar Lake compare to Dry Lake for camping?


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      Janet N

      So South Fork trailhead is open?

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      South Fork trailhead is open and has been since July 2017 when prior it was closed because of 2015 Lake Fire SBNF closure.

      Dollar Lake Camp is 1/4 mile from the lake which is available but it isn’t recommended at this time because of a lot of down trees in that area. SGWA  trailcrew is scheduled on June 17-18, 2018 to clear a large number of trees from the Dollar Lake Trail Camp area.

      Another camp option could be Red Rock Flat or High Springs Meadow. There is water in the spring which is near High Springs Meadow Camp.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Hadn’t gotten that far in my planning yet, but there was a post here a week or so ago where someone took South Fork so I’m assuming it’s open (?).

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      For those researching, I just found some good information here:

      South Fork Trail

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      Thanks Shawn!

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