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      Ranger Steve

      There seems to be some interest in rappelling down Vivian creek from Vivian trail. People are being misinformed that there is a separate trail that leads off to the left from the Wilderness boundary sign. As they have no familiarity with the trail they hike up expecting to see a split in the trail. There is no split to the left and the trail is the main trail that goes into the Wilderness. To reach the tie-in point to rappel down you have to go into the Wilderness and a permit is required. In addition, proper equipment, training and experience should be pre-requisite to attempting to rappel down a waterfall. It seems as though anyone can buy the equipment and as the correct equipment is expensive some choose to save money by using poor or no equipment and rope that is not designed for rappelling. Just yesterday people were hoping to rappel down using a cord that would be best suited as a clothes-line. As a former police SWAT team rappel-master I have experience with being on rope and without having the equipment, training and experience it is easy to make a mistake, fall or worse. You are risking your own life (and the lives of those with you) if you do not have the pre-requisites.

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      Truly a scary report, Ranger Steve.  I knew two people who were killed rappelling, and they were very capable, experienced climbers.  And I’ve experienced a few times when the last person down had to rappel off a dodgy anchor without a belay.  Once it was me.

      The problem with rappelling, like glissading, is that it is too easy and too fun.  Both are methods of descent that should be treated with great respect, and some fear.


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