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      First time posting. We are heading up this weekend to backpack nine peaks for the first time. Ranger station is closed today and tomorrow so I was hoping I might get some feedback on if there is are Bear Bins that we can store things from our cars in when we reach the trail head of both Vivian Creek Trail and Angeles Oaks? We are set with Bear Cans for ourselves to backpack with. Thanks for any feedback.

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      None of the SGWA trailheads have bear bins/boxes.

      There are bears in the area and they can break into your car when parked overnight at trailheads. So don’t leave food items or ice chest in your car. Also don’t leave food wrappers or items the have scent either because Bears have a very keen scene of smell.

      It is very rare for a Bear to break into you car. But it is better to be safe then to be one of the rare few that have.

      Also Forest Service isn’t responsible for any valuables left in the car that are stolen or vandalized.

      SGWA volunteer

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