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      Thinking of heading up to Sugarloaf again to try and summit this time.  Thought of taking the road from 38 up until the trail that heads toward Sugarloaf.

      Anyone been on that road lately?  Is there a closed gate anywhere?  If so, is there parking somewhere near by?

      I’ve watched a few videos of the road and it doesn’t appear to be something my Crosstrek can’t handle- assuming it’s in a similar condition.  I have no problem stopping or turning back if things get too crazy.

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      Hi MikeH,

      The Forest Road 2N93 is closed for annual winter closure. The 2N93 road entrance near Wildhorse Trailhead which goes to “Lightning Gulch Recreational Shooting Site” is listed on the USFS website as status is “Unreachable”.

      I was on that part of the road last in May 2017 and there where trees across road and bad washout areas. I recommend going from the north side of 2N93 near the back of Big Bear when the snow melts more. The 2N93 road starts near “Green Spot Picnic Area” and was well graded to Wildhorse Meadows. The meadows is very green and beautiful around early May.

      SGWA volunteer

      PS I would attach pictures but it holds up or doesn’t allow my post.

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      Excellent info.  Thanks Shawn.

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