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      Came back from doing a loop from Forsee Creek TH to San Bernardino Pk, via Johns Meadow, to Anderson’s Flat back to the trail head via Forsee Creek Trail.

      Plenty of water at Johns Meadow which is normal.  Good flow at Limber Pine.

      Saw no sign of fire burning until I stopped to camp at Anderson Flat.  No idea why they closed the trail through there.

      Slow flow at Trail Fork Springs out of the pipe with a small flow out of the ground below the pipe.  Took just over 2 minutes to fill a 1 quart bottle.   The obvious entrance into the brush to the spring is overgrown.  Brush starting to overgrow the trail above it.

      20 minutes down from Trail Fork Springs, a 12-18″ diameter tree across trail.  100 ft before Jackstraw Springs Junction, a 2-2.5 ft diameter tree across trail.

      Below Jackstraw Springs, a single finger of the fire burned across 3 short sections of trail up the mountain.  See red in attached photo.  If it hadn’t been part of a larger fire, I suspect it wouldn’t have remained closed last year.  No problem with the trail bed except for the new brush growth taking advantage of the sun.Fire Damage on Forsee Crk Trl

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      Thanks for the Forsee Creek trail update.

      The SGWA volunteers are scheduling in Sept to cleanup the trail near Jackstraw junction. This scheduled work could change if the trail crew is needed else where on a more critical trail issue. That is why it is very helpful when trail issues are reported so the most pressing issues get addressed.

      Thanks to all that keep us informed.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Ranger Steve

      Thanks for the update. Ulices and I completed a patrol on Forsee on 7/29 and we removed 10 trees from the trail between the John’s meadow junction to just below Jackstraw. We ran out of daylight to get the others. We heard reports that there were 2 other trees from other hikers, good to know their exact locations. The pictures show a large tree that we were able to roll off, before and after.

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      Nicely done Ranger Steve!  Kinda fun too, huh? I’ve had similar fun on other unmaintained trails like Skyline and even on remote regions of the PCT, but that was a few years ago.  I’m hoping to actually get to do some work with the SGWA this season.  I started to volunteer a couple of years ago and my joints fell apart and I couldn’t hike or run…miserable.  Hopefully with things working again I’ll see you out there on the trail, maybe even be in a work crew real soon!


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      Ranger Steve

      I always enjoy doing trail maintenance during my patrols, it’s always fun. Zippetydude, if your thinking about volunteering again, SGWA holds training yearly to be able to go out with the trail crews. We go out approximately monthly and address the trails that need the most attention. It’s a lot of fun and hard work too. Maybe I’ll see you out there, take care.

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      I just started getting into backpacking over the last few months and have really been impressed by the obvious work the trail maintenance crews do.  Really helps new hikers like me stay on the correct trail and stay safe.

      Thank you, Ranger Steve, Shawn and others who spend the time to clean things up.

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      Ranger Steve

      I’m relatively new to SGWA (some have been involved for a very long time) so while I appreciate the thanks, others like Shawn are much more deserving. When I think about it, the whole SGWA organization works so well. Everyone who contributes, in any capacity, makes the organization a success. SGWA truly exists because of the sum total of all of the people who donate their time so that others may enjoy the wilderness.

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      Trail Forks spring may be drying up.  On Saturday the 5th, it took me over 3 minutes to fill a quart bottle.  So almost a minute longer after a week.

      Another addition, there is water at Jackstraw Springs.  Its a small trickle but easy to get water from.  We were debating whether or not it would last til Labor Day weekend.


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