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      Hiked up vivian on Saturday 6/15/19. Trail is snow free up ~10,400′, minus the two small patches at the start of the High Creek switch backs.

      After the last set of switchbacks ( the ones between 10,200′ and 10,400′) there is a stretch of snow, following is random mounds that you navigate around, keep your eye on the trail here, we had to pause a few times to keep on track. After that the snow is on the long traverse/climb. It was in decent sized stretches.  Going up in the afternoon was a little squishy. Watch out for postholing, there is a few good spots where other and fallen through. The tracks in the snow are perfect right now. We didn’t put on mircos to climb up, just used our trekking poles. The snow did lead us off trail just a tad, popped open Alltrails to see we were about 20 ft below the trail. We scaled up through the rocks and got back on trail to meet up with the Dollar Lake JCT.
      This is headed up on Saturday

      This is us climbing up on Saturday


      We camped at summit and it was beautiful. Slept warm, it was maybe 40° if I had to guess with a wind chill making it feel about 35°. Wind was mild all night.

      Sunday 6/16/19
      Coming down in the AM we started just after sunrise at 6AM. We didn’t put on our mircos. The snow was compact and not icey. The tracks from the day before made it easy as it was well established. There was only one 10 ft section that was a little steep, we just dug our heels in and it was fine.


      Coming down sunday

      This is us headed down on Sunday AM, this is the long traverse. Only took about 3-5 mins to walk through it before we were back on dirt.


      Looking up on SundayYou can see the start of the snow where I took the previous photo. We were comfortable with just our trekking poles.


      I hope this helps everyone 🙂 Happy trails

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