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      I looked all over this site and the san bernardino wilderness site and could not find anything on the drone policy. Are they allowed?

      The only info i can find is regarding the fire a few years ago, which of course is not allowed. I’ve got a small drone i’d like to take on our backpack next month, but don’t want to break any rules.


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      I tried looking and didn’t see anything prohibiting the general use of drones either.  I saw something about certain state parks prohibiting their use so you might have to be aware of which boundaries you are crossing since you can walk in and out of wilderness, forest, parks etc as you hike.

      If you have a facebook account you could also try posting at the SGWA site.  You don’t need an account to view information though.


      Lastly, while used for permits, you may want to email: permits@sgwa.org and ask this question in hopes that a ranger replies with the official word.

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      I think it is safe to say that drones are prohibited in wilderness areas.  They aren’t mentioned in the original legislation, of course, but the intent was clear, and I think the interpretation of that intent over the years has been quite rigorous and consistent, nation wide.  Outside the wilderness area boundary?  You would have to check with the national forest.  And I would be concerned with the reaction of other people, as well as the legality.

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      I would agree with Ed’s post above. I have some experience litigating claims under the Wilderness Act and know that court’s construe the terms of the Act very strictly, such that drones would be considered as other aircraft prohibited by the Act. Just a quick perusal online shows that drones are illegal in Wilderness.


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      This question comes up from time to time, so here’s a link to the Forest Service site.  Bottom line: drones are not permitted in Wilderness areas.

      Unmanned Aircraft in National Forests


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